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    Shelby Cobra Dealer from Mustang, Oklahoma! Let me tell you a little about our people, goals, and our reason for wanting to serve you. I am very pleased to be able to tell you that our staff has at least 120 years of combined, Ford muscle cars experience!!!!. My goal in this business --as an Authorized Shelby Colbra dealer-- is to make sure you have as much, or more fun, than I have had the opportunity to experience in my 28 years of playing with these wonderful Fords! It is also very important to me to make sure that your investment is safe; each muscle car meets, and fits all your needs, but most importantly, is FUN!!!!!! As you look through this site today, and years to come, you will eventually wind up noticing the key word for my being, with these awesome autos is FUN! I hope you can become a part!

    Just so you understand this paragraph, the web host said I need to use some fancy KEY words here. Can you tell by now I'm a car guy, not a computer wiz.......if you're a car guy...or girl??? I think you know what I'm talking about! These fancy Key words are here to help us car guys...and girls, locate this wonderful web site.

    At S/C Motorsports we have had the privilege to be able to, collect, race, show, polish, paint, prep, tweak, haul, push, drag, and sometimes even, wreck a few of these little pieces of history, starting with the timid 6 cyl. Mustang coupe, working our way up though the ranks of Boss 302 and Boss 429, Mach1, Cobra Jets, Galaxies, Fairlanes, Mercurys, Cougars, Comets, Falcons, Panteras, Shelbys, Cobras and GT 40. Sorry, I really have no experience in the Daytona Coupes...for the many of you who own them. We can do an award winning, from ground zero, to a SAAC Gold restoration, over to, 8.8 down the quarter mile, all the way to the corkscrew at Laguna Seca! But I think what most of us are interested in is......LET'S CRUIZE!!!! At S/C Motorsports our claim to fame is DETAIL!!!!!! An old car buddy of mine, always say's..."It's not wheather you win or lose, but how you look doing it!" As long as it's that look of FUN, we are very proud to be a part of it.

    Please be patient, as you travel through our site our cars,.. it is also under construction, and needing DETAIL attention. I think you will be able to see our list of services offers everything in an engine line, from the small block 260 to the 427 FE motor. We can do any type of carburetion you like, including street able Webbers.....yes there is such a thing!!!! Our paint facility is second to none for all models.....and I can assure you the VERY best for an Aluminum Cobra! We can detail up your engine compartment, store it, transport it...even change the oil, if you just want the best to do it. If it's not to your satisfaction...we'll do it again, till you're happy. Yes we do have some VERY picky references available, for that also. We DO stand behind our product and services!!!!!

    S/C Motorsports is a complete Authorized Shelby American dealer. We have every part and service available for both. These both come in many configurations so, PLEASE call with questions. There are just too many answers and variables to each question for me to be able to tailor fit your needs, in an email response. I will be more than happy to talk to you about it! We also have on hand, many, Ford vintage muscle cars and parts, for you to choose from. I do believe we have the largest Cobra showroom in the why not make an appointment to see????
Please enjoy the site....Thanks

Mitchell Hughes
S/C Motorsports

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